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Northern California's Riding Club.

The Expresso Riders were founded when a pair of couples that lived nearly 100 miles apart began taking rides together on their BMW motorcycles. They used local coffee houses as their rally point; hence, the play on words. "Expresso Riders" is a  deliberate misspell of espresso, while also giving a nod to our "express" form of transportation.

The group has grown to several like minded souls, couples, and friends.

Far from being just a group that likes to ride to Starbucks (but we can tell you where the good ones are, and which back road to take to get there!), we cover many of the 46,000 miles of our Northern CA home stomping grounds, and much of the Western U. S. for that matter. It's about the friends, and it's about the ride, with an occasional stop to take it all in! We are a growing group of friends that prefers to ride with our wives (both 2-up, and 1+1), or serious other - singles are also welcome!

We enjoy staying in hotels after a long ride, quality victuals, local brews, belly laughs from sarcastic humor - and an occasional cigar.

If this sounds good to you, check out the calendar and send an email (or check out the contact page) to get on the mailing list of upcoming rides and events!

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